Have You Read This Book: Saucer: The Conquest? (Part 1)

Title: Saucer: The Conquest

Author: Stephen Coonts

Publish Date: 2004

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Type: Novel

Genre: Sci-Fi

Sub-Genre: Space Travel, UFO, Kidnapping, Romance, Advanced Technology, Anti-Gravity, Advanced Weapons, Computers, Holography

Plot Summary:

It’s been a year since Rip Cantrell discovered the 140,000 year old Saucer in the Sahara. His companion, Charley “Charlotte” Pine, has taken a job piloting a French Space Plane to and from the moon. His uncle, “EGG”, has been patenting technology from the saucer since that time and released the technologies to the people of Earth.

One Frenchman, a very rich Frenchman, has lead the way to build a French lunar base, giving him a bird’s-eye view of Earth. But, using technology from Alien artifacts from Area 51 in Nevada, he has secretly used that technology to threaten the nations of Earth.

Now, Charley and Rip have learned that the Frenchman is using the technology used in the saucer to further his takeover plans. It’s up to them to stop him, and the saucer they donated to the museum in Washington DC was needed to pull it off.

Meanwhile, Rip’s uncle EGG is kidnapped and forced to fly the captured saucer from the Roswell 1947 incident to the moon. Now, Charley & Rip have to save the Earth, and uncle EGG. All while using a saucer that wasn’t built to make a trip as far as the moon.


In the sequel to the 2002 hit, “Saucer”, Rip Cantrell and Charley Pine have donated their saucer to the National Air and Space Museum, and now they need it.

In 1947, another, larger saucer was captured near Roswell New Mexico, and taken to Area 51 for storage and safeguarding. One of the scientists that inspected it removed a computer from it for his own use and research. With what he learned, he worked with the French government and a wealthy French visionary named Pierre Artois to build a base on the moon and an anti-gravity weapon that could wreak havoc back on Earth.

Charley was hired by Pierre to co-pilot one of the French shuttle planes between the Earth and the moon. During her first trip she learned of the plans, stole the shuttle plane to return to Earth, and informed US Space Command.

Charley got with Rip and they needed to stop the Artois plan of uniting Earth under one government, by force. To do that, they needed to get to the moon. And they had a flying saucer until they donated it. After retrieving it, they had to go to the moon to stop the weapon, but another team got there first with another flying saucer that had been stolen from Area 51.

Now it’s saucer versus saucer; someone was going to die!


Seeing Rip and Charley still together as the story began gave continuity from the first book in this series “Saucer”. This novel built on the events depicted in the first novel, and in some ways if you missed the first one, you might not enjoy this sequel as much.