Essay Is About You

If you look in Montaigne`s essays he has an essay on drunkenness he has an essay on Cicero he has an essay on philosophy he has an essay on a whole bunch of different things a very famous essay for instance is on cannibalism or cannibals and cultural relativism so what exactly is the subject in here he says listen I’m not an expert in these matters I’m utley giving you a study of myself that is the essays are about what I know so here I want to emphasize here that an essay is a form of self writing that is well while we do to man at least hearing in collegiate study we demand that people write essays that are well researched and firmly supported etc at the end of the the essay is ultimately about you. Prepare yourself for essay writing with Edusson.

And it’s ultimately about what you write and what you think so one of the important elements here is that when you write an essay you need to you you’re making the point you’re making a claim and you need to defend that claim with arguments because the argumentation is what enables people to understand clearly your ideas and sometimes you’ll find that you may even have ideas that when you try to develop them into arguments you discover we’re actually unclear and are not good arguments so there’s a really important part about writing an argumentative essay not only does it help deliver and clarify what your ideas and claims and proposals are to others but it also plays an important role in helping you clarify yourself to yourself okay so that’s a little bit about what a man essay is then we talking about argumentation we’re really talking about the logical ordering of premises and conclusions as you know the very first rule of reasoning we looked at in this series was the idea that you have to be able to recognize the difference between a premise and a conclusion the premise is the evidence or those sets of reasons that are given in support of a conclusion whereas the conclusion is the ultimate claim or the thesis that you’re presenting in your in your essay okay.

So that means that when we talk about argumentative essays we’re talking about how one can develop in a in a logical order their own ideas and present them to others in a way that’s persuasive informative and important so that’s the first sort of thing so and that’s not in the book but I think it’s somewhat helpful to give you a little bit of background here now we’re gonna see here that the rules I think that are discussed by moral and wesen are fairly straightforward and there’s nothing in these rules that a good English teacher would not have already told you right so but I’ll just sort of go through these rules right so here’s rule 34 jump right in so jump right in the idea here is that when you start off your essay and you start off in an argumentative essay you want to immediately get to the point you what you wanted to is you want to avoid lots of rhetorical wind-ups and padding’s and pleasantries and meet phrases.