Don’t Miss This Exciting Book: Worlds of the Imperium Part 2

The ability to travel between those universes is an exciting prospect. Add in an aggressive universe where every issue is decided by force, and the meek universe that handles its own issues with chivalry will have to think fast to protect itself.


One of the better points of the book is the visual imagery the author created when describing the cross-timeline travel. For example, he focuses on an animal, and as a ship crosses the timelines, the cow mutates as if it’s morphing into some other creature. All of this is explained by different timelines having different end results to evolution.


The spelling errors caused the flow of the story to hiccup several times. Even basing the spelling on the author’s date of publishing, the spelling errors should have been caught. It is so easy to ask a professional essay help before publishing the book.

The woman in Brion’s life, Barbro, seems to have been there only as an obvious incentive for Brion to remain in the new timeline which took him from his own.

As a plot for the storyline of this book, you find yourself pulling for the underdogs as the author guides the hero, Brion Bayard, from his abduction from yet another alternate timeline (think ‘universe’), to a new life when he decides to stay in the timeline that created his abductions, and a beautiful woman.

It felt a little like the woman was used to pacify our hero so he wouldn’t want to go back ‘home’. Her role in the storyline was very limited to a casual meeting, then to a not-well defined romance.

The theory that there are multiple timelines in existence, called entropy, and that the differences between each timeline grow more dramatic as small, but significant changes occurred in the history of the time line, was prominent throughout the story.

One thing that was noted was a lack of proper spelling, and that caused minor trouble at times. It caused the flow of the story to stop abruptly and definitely detracted.

Here and there were passages with strong Biblical reference such as the one in Chapter 8, “They must be expecting to find me huddled on the ground nearby, exhausted, ready for the table they had prepared for me in the presence of my enemies” which is from Psalms 23.

The story dealt with the morality issues of manipulating entire civilizations using advanced technology, and a sense of chivalry so strong that one civilization was willing to defend themselves against projectile weapons, with swords and knives, to the death.

Overall, the story ended as it began; our hero was with a woman to keep him sidetracked as the world changes around him.